Staff Members

Mulat Haregot


Tel: 020 7697 4101

Email: mulat@localhost


Sheena Vella

ESF TA Officer

Tel: 020 7697 4103

Email: sheena@localhost

Sheena has a background in social and cultural psychology, and has worked in the field of asylum seeking migration for the past 6 years. She has experience in project management in the non-profit sector, and conducting academic research. Sheena managed the Supporting Women Project until June 2016 and now co-ordinates the VCS Assist 2.0 Technical Assistance at the Evelyn Oldfield Unit, delivering workshops and surgeries to the small voluntary and community sector groups.



Ruth Atkinson

e3 Project Coordinator

Tel: 020 7697 4102

Email: ruth@localhost


Ruth Atkinson studied Russian and Spanish for her undergraduate degree, spending a year in the South of Russia. She then taught English as a foreign language in London for five years. After spending a few months working as a journalist in South Africa, she was inspired to take a Master’s in Public Health and Policy. She now co-ordinates the e3 Project, a course promoting social inclusion through ESOL lessons and community involvement. She is an active member of DocsNotCops, a group seeking to repeal the Immigration Act within healthcare, which excludes the most vulnerable from access to free service at the point of need in the NHS.


Narriman Latefa Guemar

RAI Development Worker

Tel: 020 7697 4104

Email: narriman@localhost

Dr Latefa Narriman Guemar is the tutor and course leader for this course. If you have any questions regarding the course, please feel free to contact her. Her email is narriman@localhost.


  • Has a PhD with key interests in Gender and Migration, Diaspora, and Forced Migration.
  • Is experienced in teaching adult, graduates and post-graduates
  • Has proven experience in qualitative, action and participatory researches with migrants including ethnographic methodology.

Anna Camilleri

Admin and Communications Worker

Tel: 020 7697 4100

Email: anna@localhost

Anna has 6 years’ experience in the voluntary sector and 2 years in communications. She has worked in different volunteer roles including as an English teacher and English lessons coordinator for migrants and refugees, and providing support to detained people in an immigration detention centre. She has an academic background in global policy, also worked in communications and publicity in the education sector. She supports EOU’s communications and administration, as well as the operations of EOU projects such as ESOL classes, e3, VCS Assist 2.0 and Pro Bono.