The Evelyn Oldfield Unit is always on the lookout for volunteers. If you can spare your time, we would like to hear from you! Volunteering can be a very valuable experience, which can help you to gain new skills, meet new people and provide a much needed service to people who need it.


Many of the volunteers have enjoyed their experience at the EOU or the organisations we placed them and have subsequently followed a career in this area.


“Volunteering moves me forward. My college put me in paid work experience in a large investment company once they found out that I was doing a voluntary job. I have good experience and skills because of my time volunteering,”

EOU Volunteer

Come and join our team! Please visit the EOU Do-It.org page for a list of our current volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please download and complete our Volunteer Application Form. Once you have completed the form, please email it to evelyn@evelynoldfield.co.uk.