Success Stories

1. Example of strategic focus outcome:

“Been working on a business plan …whilst working on this, realised not enough money from our plans … we started out  really general but decided to narrow down on projects – not so general now. Did some marketing and research – realised some not suitable …did a cash flow and budget and realised previous project wouldn’t work. [The EOU] has been very supportive – with business plan, funding applications and training. Is main organisation we use. “


2. Example of outcome from research training

“…training helped me to re-focus on community and to find out what they are after – right now doing a research – to reach out to those who are not yet our clients … “
“Very good support, improved skills and community research. Able to now identify the needs within the community and how to improve the service.”

3. Improved engagement:

As a result of the Unit, we now know..” …how to connect with councillors, to contact police, other organisations, local aspirations, joint up working, phone around with activists and talk with youth’ writing report on all of this, how to involve community”. (anonymised)

4.Other examples of the effects of the work of the Unit include:
Becoming more participative:

“Yes. We have very much become user-led. We recognise the importance of listening now. “
5.In response to our question, what have you as an individual learnt:

“Definitely skills – was an opportunity to learn new things and to have resources available – doing business plan was best way to know what we are doing and where going and to focus on specific projects… ”

“…was lots of gaps in knowledge – helped fill in gaps. capacity building.”
”Working with a member of the EOU team has helped me to improve my fundraising skills and abilities as well my confidence as an individual”

“…reflective on what was done and what we still needed to do”

“Gave me more confidence that I’m doing the right thing; encouraged me to do”

“…has helped give me direction”

“…it helped me a lot – helped me to look at myself and my colleagues -more structured activities; I look at the bigger picture now…been very positive”
6.Effect on your organisation:

“This organisation has had problems – understand need for solid organisation – taking more seriously now. ”

” …have come to understand the impact my work has on the organisation and others.

As a result of the training, one group “had a meeting with members and met funders. I brought up lots of issues from training – helped me to concentrate on concentrating resources. I understand I need to delegate… ”