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Please click here to find out about the graduation ceremony held here at the Resource for London Centre on 7 March.

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The e3 Project aims to utilise smartphones, on-line forums and free WI-FI connections to provide ‘anytime/anywhere’ English language learning support for people with the lowest levels of English language knowledge across 14 London boroughs. The £0.5 Million project is one of only five across the UK that have been funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government’s English Language Competition, originally launched in November 2013 and renewed for 2016/17.

The Evelyn Oldfield Unit is partnered with four other organisations; the LimeHouse Project, Ocean Somali Community Association, APASEN and J-Go Training to develop this innovative experiment to demonstrate the potential of using publicly available on-line forums and tools; such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail to empower our e3 Project participants to support each other in an online curated learning environment.

The e3 project is an example of Evelyn Oldfield Unit’s keen interest in developing innovative solutions which provide support and help to the people of London. It demonstrates their ability to think beyond the constraints of the usual and provide cutting-edge projects that meet local needs.

For more information, please contact Ruth:; t: 0207 697 4102

Check out the Volunteering Film the E3 Project has been working on! Tell us what you think.