Practical Language Skills

ESOL – Evening Classes

ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages

When and where are the classes?

We run weekly free ESOL lessons on a drop in basis, every Monday evening with the exception of bank holidays, from 6 pm – 8 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra at the EOU at 0207 697 4102 or

The classes are held in the Evelyn Oldfield Unit office at: 

Evelyn Oldfield Unit
Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

Who are the classes for?

The class is open to all – refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. We request that they fill in a registration form and keep a student database but have no other eligibility criteria.

The class is open to all levels and so it is a mixed ability group. We find that partnering different levels of students is beneficial to their progression.

How are the courses run?

Our teachers

We have a bank of 12 qualified, dedicated, voluntary ESOL teachers, who teach the classes on a rota basis according to their availability. Each class has one teacher and at least one teaching assistant present, in addition to a staff member who is responsible for administering the class. We continuously advertise for and recruit new volunteer teachers.

Teachers are encouraged to adapt the lessons as necessary to suit the class and supplement the materials in the curriculum with activities suitable for higher and lower levels of students.

All teachers are asked to feedback to all other teachers after a lesson to ensure that the next teacher is able to continue smoothly with the curriculum.

The curriculum

The project currently follows the Skills For Life curriculum.

We have started from Entry 1 Unit 1 and hope to work through this material. This is good experience for both the students and teachers. All of the materials are available online, and we have resources available to photocopy for classes at the EOU.

Engaging with students

Since the inception of the project we have engaged over 100 students. Currently, about 15 students attend each class. 

Students will be completing evaluation forms once a month to make sure that we continue to meet their needs.