Founding for the Future

“Founding for the Future” will enable BAMER groups to build capacity, deliver & measure quality programs, engage in cross-sectoral partnerships and give BAMER communities a voice.

“Founding for the Future” will address 7 key spheres :

  1. Leadership Development – to end a ‘dependency culture’ many BAMER groups have with 2nd tier bodies – developing leaders to promote self sufficiency and sustainability of their groups
  2. Providing ‘a Voice’ for the BAMER Community – development of Forums and other functions which bring communities together and identify / promote their needs
  3. Capacity Building – 1-1 consultancy, workshops and training events including Business Planning, Quality Development [e.g. PQASSO] and bid writing to equip / resource BAMER groups.
  4. Measurement [Evaluation] – development / adoption of dedicated systems to track progress and evaluate services to measure and demonstrate impact e.g. to funders
  5. Research of real needs in the community i.e. how to conduct research – supporting BAMER organisations to conduct group workshops / surveys to research community needs.
  6. Partnership & Mergers to build capacity, develop stronger funding bids / contract tenders, influence strategy [have a voice] and promote sustainability.
  7. Volunteering – enabling BAMER groups to engage more volunteers through promotion of funded / formal programmes ensuring professional conditions for participants.

For more details please contact: Mulat Haregot, Director on 0207697 4101 or email: