Advice and guidance

IAG & Pro Bono

Why do we run this project?

Due to cuts following the introduction of the “Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012”, access to justice for black, Asian, migrant, emigrant, and refugee (BAMER) individuals has been made more difficult. In addition the usual hardships of life, this group also faces cultural and language barriers.

More vulnerable individuals, who would otherwise not be able to afford legal advice, will receive the free professional legal advice and effective representation they need. This can have a profound effect on an individuals’ economic and social future, and by extension, society as a whole.

How can we help?

The Pro Bono Legal Advice project provides free legal advice on immigration and criminal law, landlord, tenant and claims again the police, and family law. The aim is to ensure BAMER individuals have an accessible pathway to justice.

We have a team of dedicated volunteers who support BAMER individuals to see the right qualified solicitor for free. The solicitor can provide initial legal advice and guide them in the right direction on what actions they can take to resolve their problems.

Interested in this project?

To find out how you or your organisation can get involved, please contact us at 0207 697 4100 or