VCS Assist 2.0 – Supporting BAMER Organisations

The European Social Fund (ESF) provides resources to voluntary and community sector organisations that promote employment. This includes helping individuals find a job, gain employability skills or advance in their career. The funds provided by the ESF can greatly impact and improve an organisation’s ability to help individuals provide for their family or assimilate into a culture. However, learning how to access and use ESF funds can be time consuming for organisations.

VCS Assist 2.0 project is part-funded by the ESF. The project supports voluntary and community sector organisations in London to successfully access the ESF and deliver ESF projects. Project components include ESF application guidance, bid writing workshops, networking and information-sharing events, and details about ESF opportunities.

Because of VCS Assist 2.0, more local organisations will receive the much-needed funds to help them better support individuals here in London. Beneficiaries of these organisation’s services are more likely to positively contribute to the city’s economy through employment and skills development.

To find out how you or your organisation can get involved, please contact a member of the Evelyn Oldfield Unit team at 0207 697 4100 or

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